About Dr. Pichler

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Dr. Pichler is a podiatrist and surgeon who has 30 years of experience treating every type of foot and ankle issues. In 1982 he received is Doctor Of Poditaric Medicine degree, D.P.M., from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. From there he went to Tucson, Arizona for his surgical training where he worked at the University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson VA Hospital, and Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

From there he entered private practice in Des Moines, Iowa where, in addition to running a successful private practice, he was heavily involved in the training of future Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. He established and administered a podiatric surgical training program with emphasis on foot and ankle surgery.

In 2001, while still in private practice, he entered the University of Health Science, Antigua where in 2004 he received his M.D. degree. He practices solely as a podiatrist but utilizes his M.D. training and knowledge to further help his podiatric patients.

In 2007 he moved to Georgia and in December 2011 he opened Dahlonega Foot & Ankle Clinic in the office of Dahlonega Family Practice, the office of Dr. Richard Wherry serving the entire North Georgia area including Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Blue Ridge, Cleveland, Blairsville, Elijay, Cumming, and Murryville. He provides medical services in his office and surgical services at Chestatee Regional Hospital.